How to find your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)

What is a Meter Point Reference Number?

Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is used to identify the gas meter at your property. Your MPRN will always stay the same at the property and never change. It is also sometimes referred to as your ‘M number’.

Where can I find my MPRN?

The best way to find your MPRN number is by looking at the top of your electricity bill. It is a unique 6-10 digit number. You will not find this number on your meter.

Below is an example of what your MPRN might look like:

How do I find my MPRN number without a bill?

If you can’t find a bill anywhere, you can find it out by calling the Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 or using the Find My Supplier tool online.

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