BBC News visited Switchboo and stopped by Gran’s house

We had such a great time sharing the Switchboo story with BBC News. It was such a scary but amazing experience!

We had a quick cuppa at our Bournemouth office, then visited Bournemouth Gardens, where our Founder Luke grew up and spoke about what made him start Switchboo.

After spending the morning in Bournemouth, we stopped by Lukes’s old school and he reunited with his past teachers. He plans to use his story to influence younger people to make good choices and pursue something they love doing.

“From a young age I had a passion for technology and as soon as I saw how upset Gran was by getting ripped off on her energy bills, I knew it was a problem I could solve,” said Luke.

Click here to learn more about Switchboo’s story and mission

Luke at Switchboo office

After loads of retakes and visiting different locations, we packed up the camera equipment and took off to our final location, Gran’s house!

After another cuppa, a few biscuits, and some test runs, Gran was interviewed about how she overpaid for her gas and electricity for almost 45 years.

“I couldn’t believe that I overpaid one year by £700 and was being overcharged for all this time. I just think of all of those other people my age who are being overcharged too” said Gran.

“53% of households in the UK are on their supplier’s standard plan, and they end up on that plan because they forget to review their energy bills and their supplier rolls them onto that plan automatically.

“The main point of Switchboo is that we all know that we should check our energy bills but we don’t because we don’t have the time or we just don’t know how to do it.

“Switchboo was founded to do right by energy consumers and take care of their energy bills for them,” said Luke.

You can see a snippet of our documentary below:

The following morning we were invited by BBC Radio Solent to go on air and talk about Switchboo. You can read more about this by clicking here.

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